Fragrance Spray and Fragrance Oil are two distinct types of fragrances used in various applications. Many customers frequently inquire about the differences between the two, so we've compiled some useful information to assist you in making the right choice.

A fragrance spray, also referred to as a perfume spray or body spray, is a product that contains a liquid fragrance. It can be sprayed onto the body or into the air to create a pleasant scent. Typically, fragrance sprays are composed of a blend of alcohol, water, and fragrance oils. Designed for application on the skin, clothing, or in the surrounding environment, fragrance sprays are commonly utilized as personal fragrances. 

Fragrance oils, on the other hand, have varying compositions based on the manufacturer and specific product. Generally, they consist of concentrated fragrance compounds mixed with a carrier oil, which aids in diluting the intensity of the fragrance. At Black Oud, we exclusively utilize 100% fragrance oils, resulting in a stronger and longer-lasting scent on the skin.

Fragrance oils offer versatility in application. They can be directly applied to the skin or mixed into lotions before application. These oils can also be used to moisturize the skin or hair. Additionally, their small bottle sizes make them convenient to carry in your bag or pocket. Using fragrance oil on clothing is tricky, but it is possible to rub the oil in your hands and gently pat it into your clothes. However, this would not work for every material and colour. 

While fragrance oils tend to linger on the skin for a longer duration, our perfumes are formulated as extrait de parfum, ensuring a higher concentration of fragrance oil compared to eau de parfum. This concentration creates long-lasting fragrances. Some may prefer sprays over oils due to the easy application.

So, which one is for you? Well, if you like a versatile product that is petite enough to travel in your pocket with; fragrance oil is for you! If you like an easy product that you can spray everywhere and still put in your bag, then a spray is for you!